Course "Learn how to recognise the manipulations and protect yourself from others' influence"(RU)


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Anastasiia Stepanenko Course

"Learn how to recognise the manipulations and protect yourself from others' influence"

Feel safe even in front of the most aggressive people and improve your communication with others!

This course is provided ONLY in Russian language! No subtitles included.

Who is this course for?

This course is especially for those who first allow others to manipulate themselves and then suffer from it!

Курс "Как научиться распознавать манипуляции и перестать поддаваться чужому влиянию" (пакет LIGHT)

You know the state of the forgiving "Ivan the Fool,"

which from a pure heart is conducted to any requests for help, and then long and painfully licks the wounds from someone else’s blow to the back?

Or do you think that you are not from such kind of people?
And nobody can cheat you?

There are too many gloomy tones here!

Let's make our background lighter. Or then it seems that we are not discussing manipulations, but try to "call" the spirits of chaos. 🙂

Курс "Как научиться распознавать манипуляции и перестать поддаваться чужому влиянию" (пакет LIGHT)

By the way, do you see how simple it works?

It is enough to create an entourage, visibility and the right atmosphere in the style: “The hereditary fortuneteller Daria puts a spell on you...” - and you have already imagined the image of a mysterious mystery and mystery in your head, drew up the details of the picture and enjoyed playing the game offered to you.

This is how any manipulation works:

The good news: I'm not here to manipulate you either.

Ещё одна хорошая новость: я могу помочь Вам разобраться с Вашими  манипуляторами. 🙂

Курс "Как научиться распознавать манипуляции и перестать поддаваться чужому влиянию" (пакет LIGHT)

Perhaps you are really strong. Then my course is not for you.

Just... In practice, it often turns out differently.

A person thinks that he is strong, intelligent and very cunning, and, as it comes to the matter, at least half of the types of manipulators I have "deduced" mercilessly exploit him for their own purposes.

The manipulator deftly confused all the cards – and the person continues to flounder in his own illusions, taking them at face value...

I divide all manipulators into 3 types:

The "aggressors"

Курс "Как научиться распознавать манипуляции и перестать поддаваться чужому влиянию" (пакет LIGHT)

They love to “push” a person, to intimidate him with their authority.They harshly crush and “chop off” what they need until the person has got rid of shock.

The "shame-loving ones"

Курс "Как научиться распознавать манипуляции и перестать поддаваться чужому влиянию" (пакет LIGHT)

Moralists, who love so much teaching others to live a righteous life "in good faith", while holding a stone, and sometimes even a truncheon in their own bosoms.

The so-cold "bribe takers"

Курс "Как научиться распознавать манипуляции и перестать поддаваться чужому влиянию" (пакет LIGHT)

I call “Bribe takers” the category of manipulators who firstly buy your favor for certain benefits, and then try to use you during all of their lives. 

Let's do a small test:

Which of these beliefs do you have?

Did you find something on this list?

Then I have bad news for you:

As long as you carry these beliefs within you, you remain in the same position of Ivan the Fool. And in parallel with this, you destroy your comfort and constantly torment your psyche with insoluble problems. 

Change your thinking - you would have the opportunity to live in a completely different way!

And judge for yourself how these problems can be resolved if you continue to bend the same line in relations with people.

The question is rhetorical.

Do you know what is the crappiest thing in such a situation?

That anyone can be a manipulator is your close friend or bosom friend. Your mom or mother in law. Your dad, godfather, brother, work colleague or loved one.

But why should they all manipulate you? You are a good person!

And then, that manipulation is a very convenient way to indirectly get what you want without taking into account any claims against you.

Imagine that you purchased goods in a store that a sales assistant praised for you, and at home you were horrified to see that they sold you a useless trinket under the guise of a diamond.

And then you angrily come running to the store with the desire to immediately return this “purchased disgrace” back, and the sellers in response only shrug their shoulders: “What do we have to do with it? The eyes saw what they were buying! “

So an experienced manipulator will always answer any of your claims against you:

“What do I have to do with it?” You did everything yourself, I did not force you and did not force you to anything. What claims can be to me? ”

And after all, no! On paper - everything is clean, decorum, noble.

But in fact - in your life there are big or small inconveniences that are difficult to cope with.

The most remarkable thing is that you did all this yourself, with your own hands.

And, if the situation with the store is resolved by an appropriate entry in the "Book of Complaints", then, in the case of the manipulator, you will complain nowhere.

Do you want to get rid of negative beliefs and understand how to reflect any manipulation in order to benefit from it, first of all, for yourself?

Then I invite you to the course "Learn how to recognise the manipulations and protect yourself from others' influence" (RU)

Я выделила в нём более 38 основных видов манипуляций. Как минимум несколько из них использует в своей жизни каждый человек. Даже мы с Вами. 🙂

For some it’s a hobby, but for others it’s a way to “use" others and all their benefits.


Курс "Как научиться распознавать манипуляции и перестать поддаваться чужому влиянию" (пакет LIGHT)

The course speaker is me - Anastasiia Stepanenko 🙂.

My favorite color is red. My motto in life is: “Be simpler and they will drag on you!” I am firmly convinced that the more you endure and allow you to wipe your feet against yourself, the more they attack you and the harder they beat.

It’s not for nothing that the phrase: “Leadership strategies from a woman with character” is seen on my website with the motto. The fact that I am a girl with character is visible to the naked eye - just read my articles, watch my videos or chat with me personally.

I was not always like this: once upon a time I was worried about my behavior and did not understand why offenders attack me like that. Then I still did not understand that there was only one reason - I let them attack me and did not defend myself.

Nobody taught me to defend myself in a complex way - I created all the formulas of behavior with boors and my personal success for myself.


I am the owner of the consulting firm Anastasiia Stepanenko Consulting, a certified coach, a trainer in leadership and personal effectiveness.

My education:

  • Diploma of Kyiv National Economic University in "International economy and management",
  • "Alison" "Psychology Diploma"
  • studying at Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis in "Psychology Counselling",
  • Google certificate in Women Digital Academy
  • "eMarketing Institute" certificate in "Social Media Marketing"

I have my channel on Youtube. I write articles, record training videos and work on creating my own book. I conduct courses, trainings and consultations. I study science.

А вот из чего состоит наш с Вами курс:

This is the most complete and comprehensive instruction on manipulators in Runet.

Having and practicing it, you will have everything to declassify any manipulation and comfortably build your own mutually beneficial relationships with people.

As a bonus, you will receive techniques that will help you put familiar manipulators in place and throw their legs off your long-suffering neck.


The course is available on record and consists of three classes. The first two - 1 hour each, the third - 1 hour 20 minutes.

The language of this course is RUSSIAN! No subtitles are included.


Firstly we analyze the psychological portrait of the manipulator.

Then we analyze the tricks and varieties of their manipulative "chips" that they use to hook you onto their hook.

In the third module, we comprehensively consider all acceptable strategies for countering manipulators and learn to protect from them.




Learn to immediately recognize when people are trying to manipulate you

Analyze and understand which of your current environment is already manipulating you

Learn to understand what tricks manipulators do use

Become correctley react to boors and "energy vampires"

Learn how to refuse manipulators, so-called "beggars"

You will cease to be a gullible “Ivan the Fool”, who is first led to requests for help, and then he suffers from it

You will understand how to put in place those who use you

Learn to evaluate relationships for “benefit”

You will understand why reciprocity and mutually beneficial exchange is the key to a happy relationship and your self-sufficiency

Stop biting yourself with doubts about whether you did the right thing when you didn’t allow yourself to “take advantage”

Stop crouching in front of people and trying to meekly earn a good attitude

Learn to calmly deny people

Learn to live for yourself and your happiness, and not for the sake of serving other people's “Wishlist”

You will understand why by “begging” you will not achieve a good attitude towards yourself

You will find out what danger lies in the behavior “I endure a swine attitude for myself for the sake of money and gifts”

You will become more self-sufficient, happier, more self-confident

Learn to recognize and neutralize other people's manipulations

How much are you willing to pay for knowledge that will save you from the role of a pawn in other people's games?

For the tips and secrets that are used by experienced manipulators?

For skills that will save you nerves, time and money that you could spend being a victim of other people's plans for you?



55% OFF
8562 rubles / 124$
4990 rubles / 75$

  • Video records of 3 complex modules - 3 h 23 min (in RUSSIAN language, no subtitles)


I always say: if you don’t try, you don’t know. This course is suitable for a person with any worldview who wants to learn how to recognize and neutralize manipulations. If you already know how to recognize manipulations and have powerful armor to reflect them, this course will not suit you.

However, in this course there are no narrow concepts, on the contrary - clear options for behavior are indicated and there is a wide overview of manipulators of all stripes. In any case, you will find out useful information that will come in handy more than once in your life.

Firstly, few people look at the situation comprehensively, taking into account all the details and risks. And even more so, few of those who teach such a delicate topic as “interaction with manipulators” themselves were able to pick themselves up from the victim’s state at the level “below the baseboard”, learn to defend themselves, become an entrepreneur, build their own personal brand, develop wit and “trolling” "To the" professional level "and create your own online school.

I could. And I can give you a step-by-step plan on how to stop being a naive victim. If you work on it, you will also be able to learn to defend yourself and stop allowing the manipulators to decide for you what you should do and how you should live.

Secondly, I am a fan of the scientific approach to self-development and personal effectiveness. And this means that I will not teach you morality, culturally pour water or mumble: I will tell and explain everything as it is.

Here I recommend acting in a comprehensive manner.

Based on this approach, I suggest that a person work with his “sense of modesty” (what it is and why it has imposed roots, I learn in detail on the intensity of “Stop your own persecution at home and in groups”). And get rid of pliability, humility, getting out of the influence of other people's manipulations (how to do this, this course “How to learn to recognize manipulations and stop succumbing to other people's influence” just teaches).

We learn modesty in this course too. You can buy this course and if the information about “modesty”, “humility” and their toxic effect on human life is not enough for you, and you want to work on yourself thoroughly - supplement it with the course “Stop your own persecution at home and in groups”.


If someone taught me to recognize manipulations earlier, my life would be simpler and easier. Much easier.

You can endlessly listen to the motivational calls of hundreds of "gurus" in which we are assured that: "There is nothing wrong with making mistakes! All unsuccessful actions, fakaps, the loss of nerves, strength, time and money due to unworthy people are a valuable experience! ”But ... let's be honest: yes, this is experience. The most valuable experience. “Most Valuable” - because we pay too much a Price for it.

And well, if it were money. You can always make money. The most unpleasant thing is that, while continuing to live in error, we continue to pay with our strength, our time, our youth and health for communicating with those people who use us consumerly, without giving anything useful and valuable in return.

By investing in this one course, you will get rid of the lifelong need to be a donor and "Ivan the Fool" for toxic, cunning and greedy people who are used to rob you and believe that you will never notice this.

In addition, the acquisition of this course will pay off at times: you will learn how to recognize consumers BEFORE you spend your precious resources on them. And, using the instructions, you will begin to throw off these "parasites" from your neck. 

Курс «Как научиться распознавать манипуляции и перестать поддаваться чужому влиянию»

Having this knowledge, you can pass it to your children. Those who are laid this knowledge from birth in the future do not spend money on psychologists and coaches in an attempt to find out if a loving person can promise to help first, and then - "the gap from the radar."

As the once beloved scientist Steven Hawking once said: “The most terrible enemy of knowledge is not its absence, but the illusion of its presence.”Самый страшный враг знания — не его отсутствие, а иллюзия его наличия».

it's up to you to get this knowledge now or continue to fill up the cones blindly, without guarantees that one day it will become easier for you.


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